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Cooking instructor: Stephanie Pacheco


She has been cooking for 15 years. It is what she absolutely loves to do. She has had great opportunities to learn and acquire the skills and knowledge of her trade. From fine dining to fast food, cooking many different cuisines, she has sculpted her culinary craft to reflect her passion for cooking.

Raised in a Portuguese / Czechoslovakian household, she pays homage to her eastern European culture. She believes that simple foods can be made into extravagant dishes. She applies old world cooking techniques and understanding to basic ingredients, giving life to dishes otherwise thought of as mediocre. When she cooks, it comes from the heart. It comes from watching both her grandmothers create wonderful family feasts in amazement. She is fuelled by the traditions and family gatherings that happen amongst shared meals. Food reminds her of where she comes from. Where recipes hold the test of time and continue to bring happiness to your home. She is a Chef, cooking teacher and nutritionist. She has great appreciation for her trade and for helping others cook. Good food brings good quality of life. She will continue to help others grow their culinary expertise and will forever cook from the greatness of her heart.

March 27: Quiche Lorraine

Time: 3pm-5pm

Mar menu.JPG

May 22: Sushi /Gyoza

Time: 3pm-5pm


October 30: Risotto

Time: 3pm-5pm


April 24: Španělský ptáček

Time: 3pm-5pm

Czech dish Španělský ptáček.jpg

October 2: Coq au vin

Time: 3pm-5:00pm

Coq au vin.jpg

November 27: Pečená Kachna

Time: 3pm-5:00pm

Czech dish Pečená Kachna.jpg

Pricing information

$15 Members & MPH residents    /    $25 Non-Members per class


Non-Member pricing packages:

6 class bundle  → 20% discount = $  120 


Member pricing packages:

6 class bundle  → 16% discount = $  75

Payments can be sent by e-transfer to:


Cost of Membership: $20. 

Download the form here to apply for membership.

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