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Built in 1990, Masaryktown Residences consist of a five-storey rental building with 90+ family apartments and a one-storey building with 20 smaller apartments. 

They are operated by Masaryktown Non-Profit Residences Inc. on land leased from Masaryk Memorial Institute and are still home to many Czech and Slovak families. 

Please note if you require subsidized rent you must apply directly to the City of Toronto via "Housing Connections" online at or request an application by phone at (416) 981-6111.

The waiting list is held with the City of Toronto and the property manager is unaware of the standing of any individual application on the subsidized rental list.

For market rental applications (not subsidized rent) please download and fill out the form below and apply directly with Masaryktown Non-Profit Residences Inc. to be placed on that waiting list.

For Market Rate rental information please contact the Property Manager:

Community First Developments Inc.
Tel:  (416) 289-0850
Fax: (416) 289-1563

Office hours:


Phone service: 9:00am-2:30pm
(The physical office is closed due to COVID-19)


Masaryk Memorial Institute is a Canadian non-profit organization based in Toronto, Ontario that has been serving people of Czech and Slovak origin living in Canada since 1945.


Tel: (416) 439-4354

450 Scarborough Golf Club Road
Toronto, ON M1G 1H1


Mon: 9:00-5:00PM

Tues: 9:00-5:00PM

Wed: 9:00-5:00PM

Thur: 9:00-5:00PM

Fri: Closed

Sat/Sun: Closed

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